“Golf is basically played on a 20 cm long field, the distance between your ears. The same applies to business leadership. Using a beautiful metaphor, Birdie Leadership is a book full of helpful tips for anyone who wishes to improve his or her insights into leadership. More than ever, this world is in big need of authentic and sustainable leadership as described in this book.”
Bert Stevens, Vice President Operations Nike Europe

9 holes of authentic leadership

Recent evolutions in our business world are proving (sometimes in a painful way) that our  industrial leadership style is not at all compatible with the expectations of the modern workforce. Knowledge workers find their motivation on an internal level. Themes as autonomy, development and meaning suddenly are more significant to them.
An upgrade to “Leadership 3.0” is necessary to play a significant role with your organisation in this hectic but exciting 21st century.
In a playful way, gratefully using the beautiful metaphor of the game of golf, this new leadership style is the fundament of this book.  Birdie Leadership lays the foundations of authentic and sustainable leadership in this century: direction, structure and engagement.


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